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July 9, 2024 Regular - View Agenda HERE

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Local Government Municipality
38 Main Street
PO Box 116
Mosquero, NM 87733
Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(575) 673-2322


Additional Notices

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Who We Were


Founded in 1908 by Benjamin F. Brown when he decided to build a home, Mosquero was a water stop for the Dawson Branch of the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad.

As a stop on the railroad Mosquero wasn't much but after Brown completed construction of his home, and other buildings, including a store, a hotel, and a post office, the town grew and was able to provide supplies to the surrounding homesteads.

Mosquero is the County Seat of Harding County, the least populated county in New Mexico. In 1990 the population of Harding County reached a high of 987 people but, after the destruction of the Dawson CO2 Mine the village's population dwindled.

Fun Fact: "Mosquero" means "swarm of flies". The village gets its name from the flies that were drawn to the buffalo carcasses that were once hunted by tribal Indians in the area.

Who We Are


Today Mosquero is the county seat of Harding County. State Highway 39 runs through Main Street and brings welcomed visitors through the quaint "downtown". 

Mosquero still has a post office, small store, and beautiful lodging options.  It also boasts a brewery and a charming restaurant with hometown hospitality.

The families that live here are a mix of new and old. Many families have called Mosquero home for several generations, but the school, equestrian arena, courthouse, and CO2 pump station attract new families on a regular basis.

Mosquero is a progressive village that takes pride in its heritage but also looks to the future with excitement. The Village regularly participates in beautification efforts and values innovative and artistic endeavors that build a sense of collective community dignity.

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Dawson Rail Mural
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