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There are only two things that should ever be flushed down a toilet: HUMAN WASTE (urine and feces) and TOILET PAPER, everything else is a no-no! There are some products, like wipes and baby diapers, that are marketed as flushable, but they aren't. 


Because we are a small village our sewer system is small and should not be forced to handle anything other than what is acceptable to flush, again human waste and toilet paper are the ONLY things which should be flushed! 


It is not just what you flush down the toilet, but also what you pour down the drain, that can cause problems. Although it is common practice for many people to pour grease down the drain or dispose of food using garbage disposals, it is neither a good nor safe practice.

We ask our residents to use common sense when it comes to what they put into the sewer system.

Let's work hard to keep the following items from being flushed:

  • disposable diapers

  • tampons and tampon applicators

  • sanitary napkins

  • cotton balls and swabs

  • mini or maxi pads

  • condoms

  • cleaning wipes of any kind

  • facial tissue

  • bandages and bandage wrappings

  • automotive fluids

  • paint, solvents, sealants and thinners

  • poisons and hazardous waste

  • pet poop

  • unused medication

  • fats, oils, and grease

Remember: What you put down your drains and flush down the toilet has a direct impact on your pipe system, the sewer system, and the ecosystem!
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Sewer rates and connection fees.

Monthly sewer charges are $21.00 for all residential sewer customers & $31.00 for commercial customers within the Village of Mosquero limits. Sewer Installation Fees are paid in advance of installation & non- refundable in the amount of $350.00.

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